On 10 April 2017, the steering body consisting of the Confederation and the cantons concluded a first round of hearings with the political parties, the cities, the municipalities, the churches and the business community on Tax Bill 17 (formerly Corporate Tax Reform III). There is a broad consensus on the need and objectives of this project.

Following the rejection of Corporate Tax Reform III (USR III) in the referendum of 12 February 2017, the Federal Council has launched a new reform entitled "Tax Bill 17". The steering committee, under the leadership of the head of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF), Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer, is drawing up the reform proposals for the attention of the Federal Council and evaluating the proposals that are submitted in the course of hearings.

According to the FDF press release of 10 April 2017, the first round of hearings took place in a factual and constructive atmosphere. The undisputed objectives are to restore international acceptance, maintain the attractiveness of the location and secure the tax revenues of the Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities.

The hearings confirm the high expectations of the new proposal. At its meeting on 7 April 2017, the steering committee confirmed that the federal government and the cantons should ensure the greatest possible transparency in the legislative process and show the financial implications. The cities and municipalities are to be closely involved in this process. In the interests of legal certainty, the business community would like the reform to enter into force as soon as possible.