Postulate 17.4292 Derder, which was adopted in 2019, called on the Federal Council to prepare a report on possible tax relief and its consequences for capital and wealth tax for fast-growing SMEs. On November 22, 2023, the Federal Council adopted a report that discusses five specific reform options in particular (tax deferral and tax deferral, past-oriented valuation for wealth tax, wealth tax brake, optional capital tax, capital tax brake). The report concludes that the disadvantages of a wealth and capital tax could be mitigated by shifting tax revenue from capital and wealth tax to income-based taxes.

The Federal Council is fundamentally in favor of a shift in tax revenue from substance-based to income-based taxes.

The report "Reducing capital and wealth taxes for fast-growing SMEs" from November 22, 2023 is available here .

The press release dated November 22, 2023 is available here .