The FTA plans to replace FTA SuisseTax with the ePortal at the beginning of November. As soon as the changeover to the ePortal is complete, existing users will automatically be redirected to the ePortal without having to do anything.

The future FTA services in the ePortal at a glance:

  • VAT statement pro: Previously submitted VAT statements from ESTV SuisseTax are automatically transferred to the ePortal.
  • VAT accounting easy: Fast accounting with simplified login - the service is already available in the ePortal.
  • VAT certificate: Retrieve entrepreneur and registration certificate and have it confirmed as in ESTV SuisseTax - the service moves from ESTV SuisseTax to ePortal.
  • Domestic withholding tax: The service replaces forms F103, F110 (both without reporting procedure) and form 25. The paper forms are still valid during a transition period.
  • Company tax radio TV: Processing of the company tax for radio and television as in ESTV SuisseTax - the service replaces ESTV SuisseTax.
  • myESTV: Manage all authorizations in one place - existing data and authorizations from FTA SuisseTax are automatically adopted by the ePortal.

The full announcement, dated September 22, 2022, is available here.