In its quarterly newsletter, the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) provides information on current topics in tax law. In the current issue Q1/2017 it informs among other things about the current developments concerning the tax proposal 17 (formerly Corporate Tax Reform III) and the VAT rates as of January 1, 2018.

The topics of the current issue of the FTA Newsletter Q1/2017 are

  • Taxes Switzerland
  • Adjustment of the military service exemption tax
  • Recovery of interest for late payment in the notification procedure
  • Tax submission 17
  • VAT rates from 1 January 2018
  • Group Financing
  • Taxes International
  • Automatic exchange of information
  • Exemption from turnover tax of "static trust companies
  • Publications of the FTA
  • International tax comparisons
  • Value added tax in Switzerland 2013-2014
  • On our own behalf
  • Higher funding requirements for FISCAL-IT
  • At the end of February, 74,306 companies invoiced their value-added tax online

The newsletter with links to the individual topics is available on the FTA website.