The FTA published its 2022 activity report on March 28, 2023, and recorded tax revenues of 57.3 billion Swiss francs (+1 billion compared to the previous year) and made more requests for administrative assistance than ever before.

Most of the tax revenue is generated by direct federal tax at CHF 26.5 billion (legal entities 13.8 billion (+7%), natural persons 12.8 billion).

VAT revenues climbed to a new high of CHF 24.6 billion. Of this, 142 million francs came from VAT controls. Of the 412,000 companies subject to VAT in Switzerland, 92 percent already settle their accounts electronically.

Revenues from withholding tax (CHF 3.9 billion) and stamp duties (CHF 2.48 billion) decreased compared with the previous year.

Most of the 25,348 requests for administrative assistance were submitted by the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Israel and Austria. At 228, the FTA submitted more requests for administrative assistance to foreign countries than ever before.

Within the framework of AEOI, the FTA exchanged financial accounts with 74 countries. Switzerland received information from 27 other countries, but did not send any because the countries did not meet the requirements or refrained from providing data. Russia did not receive any data from Switzerland.

Within the framework of the CbCR, the FTA sent 154 reports to a total of 65 partner states.

The full media release is available here; the FTA's 2023 Activity Report is available here.