On 10 May 2017, Economiesuisse published a media release concerning the post-analysis to reject the Corporate Tax Reform III (USR III).

According to its press release of 10 May 2017, the business association Economiesuisse has analysed the reasons for the rejection of the Corporate Tax Reform III (referendum of 12 February 2017). The analysis shows that the reasons lie in particular in the template, but also in the environment and campaign work. According to the press release, two analyses (an internal analysis by the offices and an analysis by Prof. Dr. Iwan Rickenbacher, communications consultant and former Secretary General of CVP Switzerland) give Economiesuisse a good overall rating and attest to the professionalism of the offices.

There are no plans to split Economiesuisse into a lobby and a campaign organisation. However, the structures and processes within the project organisation should be simplified in order to be able to implement strategic and tactical adjustments during a campaign more quickly in the future.

The Economiesuisse press release is available here (see also the NZZ article of 13 May 2017).