On 15 January 2019, the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters (SIF) updated its position on taxation of the digital economy (see our article of 11 March 2018).

Digitization is one of the strongest drivers of the structural change currently taking place in Switzerland. Switzerland is in favour of tax rules that both enable and promote innovation and sustainable competition and secure its tax revenues.

The SIF has developed the following positions in view of the OECD report expected in 2020 (cf. the interim report of 16 March 2018):

  • Pro innovation, but competition and technology neutral;
  • Fair tax competition without minimum tax rates;
  • Taxation at the place of value creation;
  • Avoidance of double and overtaxation;
  • Closing of tax loopholes;
  • Multilateral and long-term solutions.

The publication of the SIF is available here.