The cantonal government of Zug is planning a moderate tax increase to generate additional revenue of around CHF 50 million in order to ease the burden on the state budget.

The government council of the canton of Zug wants to save a further 100 million euros despite the 2015-2018 relief programme. Thanks to "Finances 2019", the state budget should be effectively balanced from 2020 onwards. With "Finances 2019", the Government Council wants to reduce the burden on the state budget by around 65 million francs on a sustainable basis with around 100 immediate measures and 300 additional measures.

Outside the "Finances 2019" process, the government is considering a moderate tax increase (raising the tax rate from 82% to 86%; increasing the income tax rate for the particularly high-income earners) to generate around CHF 50 million in additional revenue in order to relieve the state budget by a total of around CHF 115 million. The measures will be worked out in the next few months and the corresponding ordinance and legislative amendments will be submitted for external consultation from March 2018. A possible referendum would be held in autumn 2019. The changes to the law are to come into force on 1 January 2020.

The Finance Department of the Canton of Zug published a media release and a corresponding presentation on 6 April 2017. All documents are available here.